What About Frinzee?

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What is Frinzee?

Frinzee is the fun and social way for people to make predictions on the hottest competitions and voice their opinions on trending topics. Frinzee is like the sexy -- and sometimes, naughty -- modern cousin of the traditional opinion poll. People can earn rewards like gift cards for popular merchants by joining the "frinzee" and speaking their mind.

What makes Frinzee different from other polling sites?
  • Frinzee offers two types of polls: Opinion Polls and Prediction Polls. In prediction polls, people win by choosing the eventual winner of the contest. In opinion polls, people win if their choice also gets the majority vote.
  • Frinzee provides accuracy ratings to give people an idea of how good they are at predicting winners.
  • Frinzee measures sentiment by allowing people to use their points to declare their Level Of Confidence that their prediction is correct or that their opinion will get the majority vote.
  • People can accumulate points which are redeemable for Gift Cards from popular merchants.
  • Frinzee turns sharing opinions and predictions into a global competition.
  • Frinzee gives people a way of curating their official opinions across a wide range of topics.
Who is it for?

Frinzee is for anyone who has an opinion. If you've ever made a prediction about a game or contest or had an opinion about something in the news, then frinzee's for you.

How will it change the world?
  • Frinzee will improve the way people share, discuss, and discover opinions about everything.
  • Frinzee will keep friendships intact by keeping that friend who always says “Dude, I called that!” in check.
  • Frinzee will make polls sexy and fun -- the world can use a little more sexy and fun.
  • Frinzee will, one day, create a universal polling system that will aggregate people's opinions from across the Web.
Who is the Frinzee Team?

Isko Croix, Founder and Project Manager

Isko has founded and worked for several startups as project manager and product manager. Isko enjoys craft beers. Isko used to breakdance.

Lee Lawlor, Co-Founder and Lead Developer

Lee has worked for several startups as lead technology developer. Lee likes hard drinks and rarely drinks beer. Lee also used to breakdance.

Paul Imbong, Co-Founder and Lead Designer

Paul is an artist that happens to really dig UX and UI design. Paul likes pale pilsen and rarely drinks light beers. Paul wants to learn to breakdance.