Frequently Asked Questions

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What's up with the name “frinzee”?
Since everyone's got them and loves to share them, we're virtually swimming in a frinzee of opinions.

What are the two types of frinzee polls?

  • Prediction Polls ask people to predict the winner of games or contests. Pick the winner to get extra points!
  • Opinion Polls ask people to share their opinion on major events and trending topics. Pick the the one that gets the most votes to get extra points!

What are the points all about?

  • For all Frinzee polls, you will win a point each time your prediction is correct or your pick gets the most votes.
  • For featured polls, you can use points to declare your Level Of Confidence that your prediction is correct or that your pick will also get the most votes. You will win double the number of points you declare as your Level of Confidence.
  • You can redeem your points for real-world stuff!

How many points do I begin with?
You get 100 points for signing up!

Can I vote without declaring a Level Of Confidence?
Yes. And you still will win 1 point if you vote correctly in featured polls.

How do I get more points?
Participate in more featured polls. We're coming up with new ways for people to earn points. We'll announce them when they go live.

What are Featured Polls?
Featured Polls are polls selected by the frinzee team which fit the criteria of being a major event, trending in the news, or a hot issue. Featured Polls allow people to declare their Level Of Confidence using points.

Why do some polls say “Official”?
Polls created by organizations are official because they're officially made and managed by that organization.

How do I get frinzee to make my polls “Official”?
Email the frinzee team with your request. Note: You must be authorized by the organization for which you are making the request.

Why can't I see the number of votes for each choice in an Opinion Poll?
In Opinion Polls, people win when they're pick gets the most votes (popular vote). The number of votes aren't shown so people can vote what they think and not necessarily what everyone else thinks.

I want to create a poll for just me and my friends. How can I create a Private Poll?
In the poll creation page, select the option “Make Private”. You will need to enter the emails of each person you will invite to join. They will receive an email invitation to join your poll.

Q: Are those all the awards badges that are up for grabs?
A: No way! We're coming up with more badges. There are also some badges are so super secret we can’t display them.